There Was a Huge Bug Crawling by Dream Kardashian's Birthday Cake, and Kylie Caught It All on Video

By | November 16, 2018

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Dream Kardashian is now two years old, and in true Kardashian form, the family threw her an absolute rager (lol, jokes) of a blue, fairy-themed party. Kylie was reportedly the host, but the fam was there, along with an unwanted guest………………… a creepy crawly cockroach.

Like the social media queen she is, Kylie made sure to capture all the sweet, blue treats on her Insta Stories. There were pastel-colored cake pops, meringues, and donuts. Basically enough to send the average person into cardiac arrest.

But also in her video, Kylie unexpectedly captured a six-legged critter crawling a little too close to the powder blue, petal-shaped icing of the cake.

Now it isn’t confirmed if the bug was actually a cockroach, and as TMZ theorized, “there are a ton of plants and foliage intertwined with the dessert spread—so you gotta imagine he hitched a ride inside.” YIKES.

Whatever it was, hopefully someone stomped on it before it could get to any of the other food. Happy birthday, Dream!

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