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This Son Gave His Dad a 40th Birthday Card Offering Sympathy for His Eventual Death

Birthdays are happy occasions, but they also mark another step in our slow, inevitable march to the fate that awaits us all: death. We know this, of course, but rarely acknowledge it—it’s kind of hard to follow such a bleak truth with cake and the birthday song. One man, however, recently got a stark reminder… Read More »

This Brightening Hair Mask Keeps Lady Gaga’s Blonde Hair Brass-Free

Getty ImagesLeandro Crespi Close your eyes for a second—wait, okay, read this sentence first and then close your eyes—and picture Lady Gaga for me. What comes to mind first? I’m gonna go ahead and guess that it’s her megawatt, white-blonde hair, shining with the light of a thousand newly born stars. And if you’ve ever… Read More »

This 10-Minute Burner Will Blast Your Chest

If your upper body routines are slow-moving, lethargic plodders that put you to sleep on the bench press station, you need to get yourself a new workout. There’s no reason to keep the pace low just because your legs aren’t involved—you can move just as quickly and efficiently while pumping up your chest. Ngo Okafor,… Read More »