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Miracle Milli walking hours after surgery

The 12-year-old cancer patient of renowned Australian brain surgeon Charlie Teo is up and walking less than 48 hours after undergoing lifesaving surgery on a malignant tumour. Amelia Lucas, known affectionately as “Milli”, has battled with terminal brain cancer for the last three years. In a final bid to save her life, Milli’s family turned… Read More »

‘I was shocked when I was told that I might have to have open heart surgery’ – mother-of-three Rebecca Redmond

It can develop suddenly or can happen slowly over months or even years and is most commonly caused by previous heart damage – but it can and does affect seemingly healthy people. The Irish Heart Foundation has launched a new symptom checker on their website – KnowYourHeart.ie – where members of the public can go… Read More »