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ActivForce Digital Dynanometer for Objective Arm Muscle Evaluation

January 25th, 2019 Editors Rehab, Sports Medicine ActivBody, a company headquartered in San Diego, California, is releasing an interesting digital dynanometer, which measures the power applied to it, for use in training, rehab, and other cases. The ActivForce device works with the company’s Active5 force measurement device and gives clinicians objective data when assessing muscle… Read More »

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Viewpoints: Get Behind Doctors’ Advice About Reducing Carnage Caused By Guns; New Exercise Guidelines Lack Muscle

Editorial pages focus on these public health topics and others. The Washington Post: It’s Time To Follow Doctors’ Orders On Gun Violence We never thought we would see the National Rifle Association help advance the discussion of gun violence as a public-health crisis. But that is exactly what the organization unwittingly did when it essentially… Read More »

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Glimps On How To Gain Muscle Strength And Fitness

by Sanjay Bagadi Glimps On How To Gain Muscle Strength And Fitness Working out at home can be an extraordinary choice for folks simply beginning. Prepare at home before picking up the certainty to advance out into a gym. Begin working out in a gym? However, don’t lament in beginning any gym workout at home… Read More »

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